Yuri!!! on Ice 2.5' Clear Acrylic charms

11 CAD

This listing is for Yuri!!! on Ice 2.5' Clear Acrylic charms. They are printed one-sided directly to the acrylic board. The material used is acrylic and they come with an attached black phone strap.

Characters available for purchase

1. Yuri Plisetsky (Agape Ver.)
2. Otabek Altin
3. Minami Kenjirou
4. Seung Gil Lee
5. Jean Jacques Leroy
6. Phichit Chulanont

7. Yuri Katsuki (Eros version)
8. Viktor Nikiforov (Coach version)
9. Yuri Katsuki
10. Yuri Plisetsky
11. Viktor Nikiforov

Size: 2.5 Inches
Material: Acrylic

Design by Cwilock